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Replacement hard drive how long


NTFS Junkie
Any one now how long it takes ibm hitachi to send out a replacement drive? They seem to be taking their time to me. It was shipped from the uk, heres what I get when going to their rma status page

The returned defective hard disk drive was received and the replacement hard disk drive has not been shipped yet.

RMA issued on February 28, 2003

Defective hard disk drive received on March 18, 2003

Please be aware that you may experience a delay in receiving your replacement disk drive based on stock availability. If product is available, your replacement order will be processed within 14 working days after the receipt of your defective disk drive.
I once, some time ago (six years), had an IBM SCSI drive fail in the warranty period. At the time it contained a project I was developing for a company (three years work). Of course I had tape backups (incremental) all of which failed to restore to another drive as unknown to me all the tapes I had were blank except for lead-in and lead-out data due to a defective tape drive and controlling software. Anyway I took the drive to the IBM data recovery centre (UK) where they informed me that the drive pcb was burnt-out and that they might be able to recover the data on the drive for about £9,000.00p but could not guarantee this.
I brought the drive home, shipped it to IBM as defective (along with the lab report) and threatened to sue them (no real chance here I thought) under the auspices of one of the then new consumer protection acts (can’t remember now) to do with goods being supplied not suitable for the intended purpose. With seven days I had a new drive and not only that all the data from the old was on it.
I’ve since only used IBM drives for my development work.


hardware monkey
i had a 60gxp go out last year and i finally got around to rma'ing it around mid january. i received a replacement 120gxp mid march, i think it was.

oh, and this is after the 120gxp was shipped here and the dumb fedex driver couldn't find the address, i guess... so it was sent back, then they had to contact me to confirm my address and send it again.

yours is taking longer for whatever reason. what type of drive was it?


NTFS Junkie
It was a 60gig 180GXP. The fact they dont inform you as to what is happening is the thing that is p*****g me off, I have sent them 3 e-mails and they haven't bothered to reply to any of them. There was a delay in me sending the drive into them (had to find correct packaging or they wouldn't Honor the warranty ) It took 6 days from when I sent it to arrive with them
Never send e-mails, no one reads them, always write a letter with all the details straight to the managing director. If you don’t they will not treat you as a serious customer. Always get your message to the company from the top down not the bottom up.

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