Replace PS3 Blu-Ray Drive?


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7 Oct 2004
Is it possible to replace the blu-ray drive in a ps3, i bought it on ebay and the drive is not working, it only cost $130 and a drive costs about $70 so i figured it was worth it to try.

but i read in some places that you cannot just swap them out.

any helpis appreciated.

my guess is that sony is the only one that can help you
I believe you have to send it to get repaired.

the system will not work with the new drive. The original system drives are electronically married to the motherboard of the system which makes the attempted repairs virtually impossible to complete successfully. Once the replacement drive is installed, the system will play movies, but it will no longer play games. Basically it will turn your expensive video game system into a basic DVD player, which is not what you would expect.

I found this if you are brave and want to try yourself if you find PS3 Blu-ray drive
i saw that as well and will probably attempt it.
I would advise you to let Sony handle that for you.
i'm actually setting this up as a sort of hobby to resell them on ebay.. i'm just buying the parts right now like lasers replacements, drives and then broken ps3's, i'll let you know, when i fix my first one i'll post the ebay ad here to.
Any luck with the swap out? What ps3 did you get?

YEA! I can confirm that this procedure really works. I managed to swap a BD drive from 80Gb PS3 to a 40Gb.

as per his procedure,

remove the drive

then remove the BD chip "underneath with 5 small screws"

swap (make sure to label your drive to avoid confusion"

close PS3 and run... thats all.

note: make sure to have a working chip, sometimes the issue is not from the lens it could be the chip itself. good luck

I heard you can buy a new drive . However you need to use the original circuit board to get it to work, and make sure you have the right drive i know for the 80 gb its KES-400A :laugh:
to replace the drive you have to buy a new one. I did that. I got one off of amazon. You take the old bluray out and and take apart the screws on the bottom of the bluray players. Inside the bluray players there is a chip board. You take the chip board out of your old bluray player and put the old chip board in your new bluray player. (because it wont work if you dont do that). Then you put the new bluray player back together. put the new bluray player in and then it should work. If you dont understand how to do it you can watch a video of how its done on youtube. There are many videos that show how to replace your bluray player in your ps3.
I heard you can buy a new drive . However you need to use the original circuit board to get it to work, and make sure you have the right drive i know for the 80 gb its KES-400A :laugh:
When I replaced mine, I bought the part you mentioned off ebay

and that was all I needed to replace. I will mention that a Torx screw-driver was needed to deconstruct the ps3.

My Psy laser broke twice, once while it was in warranty and again when it was out of it. Really simple fix if you don't mind taking apart the ps3. Don't even bother calling sony about it because its $150 to replace it and just by calling they might charge you the money like they did me.

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