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So next week, well starting on the 21st I will have my house to myself for about 2 weeks. I am planning on renting a 360 or a PS3 for the nice big screen I got here. The issue is that I am not sure which one.

I have an urge to get the PS3 because I wanted to try MSG4, which I have never played the others and didn't seem like I ever would of enjoyed them. Thought the new one seems different. Because of that, i think the urge to play MSG4 might be short lived. Then I am stuck with a PS3 for that time with nothing 2 do with it lol

On the other hand, I could rent a 360. I know of many games and many things I can do with that. I know I can at least be happy. The problem is that I can't rent every single game. What game for the 360 (or even the PS3) do you recommend? Or what do you think I should do?
I think you have answered your own question. Go for a 360 :)
I knew i sorta answered that, so in the event that I did I am asking what games for the 360 do you guys recommend. But you guys can still recommend the PS3 if you want lol
It is possible lol I am not sure how much doing both would be..hmmmm
oh ****, forgot that..i just finished up Halo 2 (finally lol) I guess I should rent out Halo 3...woot thanks heny..
its ****ing great :D u can spend 2 weeks just playing that.
Ok it's final, the 2 weeks are Halo 3 on the 360 and LEGO Indiana Jones on the PC (both with a controller lol)
So scratch that, just called up like the only place in Ottawa. $75 for a week. NO THANKS!!!
thats a shame. 75 save that for some weeks and you can buy your own.
Well actually I am looking on newsgroups right now and I might get one if I beat people to it.

A couple months old.

Xbox 360 Elite 120GB Harddrive
4 Wireless Controllers
5 Games
Still Under Warrenty
Everything in Box that comes with the Elite System

$350 I hope I get it...or maybe even a lower price.

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