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Renewing IP Address


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So I feel this problem has been on here a couple times but I can't find any thread thats specific to my situation or helps me out so I figured I would re-post. I am having trouble renewing the IP address for a computer at work. It has limited to no internet connection and says I need to renew the IP address, however it is unable to do so when I attempt. It is a lone computer hooked up through a modem (6100F) set up by Verizon. I have tried to ping the modem and the IP address in the command window but it can't reach either. When I try to open the IP address through the web browser, an error message appears (similar to the message you get when you try to go to a site with no interwebs). Also, in the command window for ipconfig it says the IP address is

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!!!
Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the modem or Ethernet driver. As well as uninstalling the device and reinstalling the device.


OSNN One Post Wonder
nice to see a fellow red sox fan on here, especially one from north carolina.

i have not tried resetting Ethernet driver but I have tried resetting the modem, to no avail. Every time, it gets to the point where it has to detect a connection from the modem and it can't do it.

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ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

turn off the modem and leave it for 30 mins then reconnect it, with some providers you may have to contact them and force them to reset the modem
I guess I assumed he had already tried an ipconfig renew release since he had tried pinging. heh who knows.

And yes, I'm a Red Sox fan. I'm originally from NY, I lived in MA and RI for parts of my life. Now I'm in NC. I'm going to see them play in July I think.


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First off, Red Sox stink!!!! :D /end

If you are getting a address, you won't be able to ping much of anything :) I don't know if you have Vista or XP, but this might be a good place to start.


I would think if the machine had valid connectivity to the modem, you would get a 169.x.x.x address but not sure. Have you tried swapping the ethernet cable between the PC and the modem?

Have you tried spinning 3 times, clapping twice, stomping and saying "abracadabra"?

It's worth a shot.

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