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renaming start button with a VS

i can change it fine when im using the default windows xp vs, but is it possible to change it while using a custom visual style? im using one called Beacon that i loaded with stylexp. since it is a custom style im thinking that you may not be able to change it by editing windows files...anyone know?

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Good grief Charlie Brown
I've got a little program that will change the standard start button name. Once you add a style it no longer works. Must be something to do with them not being compatible with each other. Looks like you either have the renamed button or the style not both. :(


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I'm glad someone brought this subject up. Want to ask if there is any way of renaming the start button without any third-party software. =)


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don't know if you would be able to change the start button name, but it will probably save u loads of resources and more than likely loads of time in the long run.

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