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20 Jul 2002
Well a buddy got a usb thumb/flash drive that has 2 partitions one of which is write protected and I've been unable to find any means of changing that status.

I've got no idea on who actually made it, the only name I find is Aniara which is a bio-med company that appears to provide tools and what not for testing.

In my searching I've found many supposed methods of doing what I want but none work. Also no visible switch which is one the things I've seen mentioned in searching.

All that said is there remotely a way to do what I want?

Is there a program that will do it, though this is kind mute if I can't do it to start with
Have you tried:

Right-click the icon for the USB drive in "Computer" (labeled as "Removable Disk") and select “Properties.”

Click the “Sharing” tab and click the “Advanced Sharing” button.

Click the “Permissions” button to access the list of permissions. Select the “Full Control” check box under Allow for full read, write and change permissions. Click "OK" twice and click "Close."
Tried that, no joy. As you can see appears to be setting that isn't in the OS

Have you tried diskpart?

Type diskpart in an administrative command prompt and press Enter.

Type list volume and press Enter to bring up a list of all storage devices currently connected to the computer.

Identify the flash drive based on the storage space and drive letter information and take note of its volume number.

Flash drives will be listed as Removable under the Type column.

Type select volume number replacing the word number with the volume's numeric assignment, for example, select volume 4, then press Enter.

Type attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter to remove write protection
Tried that, diskpart says "Disk attributes cleared successfully." however I still can't format it or delete anything off it.
After diskpart said successful....Did you unplug the flash drive and plug it back in?

I guess next you could try booting into GParted from a live cd but you will lose all data on the drive.
Well even with removing and plugging it back in no luck.

At the moment it seems GParted downloads don't want download for me.
Scroll down page to GParted Live CD/USB/HD/PXE Bootable Image

Click on Download gparted-live-0.20.0-2-i486.iso

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