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Removing Voice Ads from AIM?


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Hey guys,

I have the 5.2 Final version of AOL IM, and I want to remove the voice ads from it. They're tearing up my system when running it, taking up 60megs of memory, all hard drive and CPU usage, etc... and hell they've been repeating themselves lately. I've tried running Ad-Aware, and that flat out didn't find anything... so, any ideas?
ok from a little research i have found that most people are having luck by doing the following:

go to add/remove programs and delete the viewpoint media player. (this is automatically installed when you install AIM)

locate the "C:\Program Files\AIM\Sysfiles" folder and delete the viewpoint.exe from that folder.

locate your "hosts" files and add the following lines: ar.atwola.com ads.web.aol.com VTOT.proxy.aol.com ads.aol.com

I am in the process of trying this out so i'm not 100% sure if it works but I read this method on several message boards and people are reporting that is does work.

I make no guarantees so try at your own risk.


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First of all, there is very little "risk" in doing what he suggested, so go ahead and try it. Also, there are a few good non-aol clients that DO work well and have no ads. The windows port of gAIM is what I currently use under w32 OS's and I have no problems with it.

also, some of these alternative clients use less resources and look a lot cleaner, lot less mess, but it's your call, some people are religous (for some reason or another) to aim official clients only.
i used trillian for a long time until they took forever to get the yahoo connection fixed. I only use AOL to chat and trillian was nice to tell me when i had mail i my yahoo account. So I went back to AIM then lately these sound ads started. I've tried gaim, miranda im, and several other clients but many are filled with features i don't want or need, use too much system resources, or look like crap.

the only reason for the disclaimer was because i do not know how well people know thier computer and how well people can follow instructions. Trust me if there is a way to screw something up it will be done no matter how easy the instructions are. I work as a tech from my university's housing tech support and i run into countless people that can mess up anything. Also, I'm not sure if it even works yet but so far so good.

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