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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by hobbit56, Feb 24, 2003.

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    is it possible to remove an windows update after installation the update is "811630: Critical Update (Windows XP)""How to uninstall

    This update cannot be removed after installation"
    thanks for n-e nfo
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    It would be very hard to remove this update, as far as i can tell its not even packaged with the ability to remove, some updates that state they can not be removed have uninstallers present in the relevant patch files directory in the windows directory but this does not.;en-us;q811630

    This article shows the files changed by the patch, to remove you would have to replace all the new files with the cd orginals and then work on the registry entrys to.

    See why it would be very hard to do! Not impossible mind.

    Why do you need to remove this patch? Are you having problems? This update does not have any knowen issues and is pretty tame so i cant see any reason why it would cause you to suffer problems.
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    it causes problems with a patch on a program an error comes up saying "this operation can only function within html help."is there a way of disabling or overwriting the way the update controlls help mabe a registry key or somthing thanks
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    These are the most over worked reponse out there but...

    1). Check the application programs home page for FAQ's and a possible update to ocrrect the problem.

    2). Try reinstalling the application. It may be depending on access to a file or registry key that was changed by the Windows update.

    Worst case is one of the securoty patches removed a function that your application needs to operate. In that case option 1) is your only hope. Send a support email to the application website they may not know there is a problem with the windows update.

    Buddy of mine did this and three days latter there was a beta release posted on the website to solve his problem.
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    Not sure if it would help or not - but you could try a system restore to before you installed the windows update. If it doesn't help or cause further problems - you could always undo the restore and be back to where you are at now.

    System restore will make a restore point before the installation of an automatic windows update.