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removing my pictures, my music folders?


OSNN Senior Addict
is there a way to perminetly remove those annoying my music and my pictures folders from my documents. i really cant stand them and dont see why they need to re appear everytime i restart.

is there a key in the registry i can delete like the one where u remove shared folders from my computer. or another way?

Open up regedit:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders
You can try deleting these keys (ONLY the pictures, video, music ones) and then delete them out of explorer and see if it works.


OSNN Senior Addict
ok thanx, i didnt delete the key i just deleted the value because i noticed there is a my video key with nothing in the value and there is no my video folder, so i think it should work.
Right on then! Change the value, not delete the key. Now it's a perfect reg fix :)

EDIT: When it says "My Pictures"="blah\blah\SomeDude\My Pictures", delete everything in the second set of quotes (e.g. starting at the first "blah") but leave the quotation marks there.

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