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Well, my cd burner is doin its thing again. 24x burner that will not burn at 24x without constantly stopping then burn for a second...repeats that way for about 8 minutes before it is done. I tried a new demo of blindwrite cd studio. That uses something other than aspi layer. And it works fine when I use that, but its only for certain image files. So I figure my problem somehow is in the aspi layers. I have been trying to figure out how to remove these but have not had the luck I was hoping for. Has anyone here ever removed the aspi layer before?
The aspi layer isn't even installed unless you used an aspi updater or downloaded the new adaptec aspi. To remove the layer you could just delete the registry entries and files like wowpost, aspi32, aspi etc, but it might cause some problems so you might want to set up a system restore point.

the big question is this..did your drive do this at first? or not until you updated the aspi?
Well this has happened twice now. Both times there was nothing "updated" just prior to this happening. I am really at a loss. Last time I ended up formatting my C: partition in order to correct this. I have installed ASPI on this becuase I use CDRWin. I am trying to avoid another format..but it is looking like that might be my only way to do this :(
Does Winxp allow you to install over top of it like the ole win98 allowed us too?
Ok I have spent a couple of days and several OS installs figuring out what was causing my problem.
I to have a 24x burner.
I'm using an Abit KR7a KT266a board.

I like using Easy CD Creator and have the Platinum 5.1 edition. I also use CloneCD.

This install everything is working correctly as I DIDN'T install the Adaptec 4.70 aspi layer drivers for XP that they recently posted.
Previously my cdroms would all run in PIO 4 mode.
They are currently running in Multiword DMA mode 2.
A much better improvement.

BTW there is a Ultra DMA IDE patch on the Viatech website
Well the first time I had this problem I was using the previous version of aspi. Man this problem really infuriates me to no end!!

One other thing I notice. When this problem starts to happen the icons in the auto run menu for open a writable cd are gone. Not sure how that would be relevant in any way..but figure I would throw that out there.

Oh well..looks like another clean install for me.

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