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Removing an intel P4 Heatsink from a motherboard with pegs


Somewhat eXPerienced
Hey guys,

Someone decided to skimp out when they decided to secure their heatsink to their motherboard using those plastic snap pegs, rather than screws. I'm having a heck of a time removing the heatsink so I can swap out the motherboards. The heatsink has two little latches, that feel like they're securing the processor when they're down. I have both the latches up, however I still can't find any way of removing it. It's a default intel HSF. On the bottom of the motherboard, it looks like there are four more of those white pegs surrounded by black pegs securing the HSF to the motherboard.

Any ideas on how I can remove these? I was going to bring up needle nose pliers to try and remove it, but if you guys know of a better / easier / different way, lemme know!

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Pentium 4 478 sockets don't screw in the heatsink, they latch onto it.

Have a look here. (look at figures 19 - 22) Very simple to remove. Just becareful not to force it as it will fall off when all 4 latches are done.


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Rock on Hipster, and here I was going to roll into work today and basically destroy the thing trying to get it out. Go figure! :p

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