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removing a folder



I've read a time ago about a XP folders which you can't remove because it is used by an another program. Well i've got this problem with a folder i created but i can't delete it.

i've used the search but couldn't find the thread. Some knows the location or name of the thread or has the solution for me??


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Open a comand prompt & navigate to the folder. Open task manager/processes & close explorer.exe. Leave task manager open. Now remove the folder using the 'rd' (remove directory) command. In task manager go to applications/new, start explorer.exe again.

Perris Calderon

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hipster, could you give step by step, as far as opening command prompt, etc...most people that have this problem do not have the required knowledge.

in the mean time, you can also use this program

Perris Calderon

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here is a program that saves all the pastes you want to save, and then gives easy access to them...this is invaluable to a moderator...

give it a shot

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
OK I'll give that a go dealer. Thanx. Found the command prompt thing. Better check it over though.

Using the command prompt to delete files & folders.
First open a comand prompt. Now open task manager/processes & end explorer.exe. Leave task manager open.

1/ From the command prompt.
2/ Looks like this.....C:\Documents and Settings\User Name>
3/ Type cd C:\ (enter)..........Looks like this............C:\>
4/Assuming the files are in program files
Type cd Progra~1 (enter)...........Looks like this......C:\Progra~1>
5/ Use the cd command on each folder till you get to the one
containing the files for removal.
6/ Follow the instructions from above.
7/ When you get to the offending files that needs deleting do this without the quotes>
C:\Progra~1/Folder/ 'del bad.file' (enter) del = delete files
With folders do this without quotes>
C:\Progra~1 'rd folder' (enter) rd = remove directory (folder)
Once done restart explorer.exe in task manager/applications.

Of course you are going to have to know the abbreviations for the folders that the command prompt uses. I use a small program called MaxDI which is attached. Put it into your windows folder.
When at the command prompt you get here
C:\.......type di (enter)
This will show you easily where you need to use the cd command. Remember, one folder at a time.
By using 'di' you can see & navigate at the same time.

Someone better check this over but I think it is accurate.


Thanks you all,

The folder is gone!!

I've used the solution from hipster with the cmd

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