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remove items from the send to menu



How do you remove stuff from the send to menu? I have ready deleted what i can fromt eh folders. Are there registry entires for the drives and programs? If so where do I find them?

Also my zip drive is displaying 2 drives. How do I fix this?


Originally posted by AlecStaar
Go under your profile in the C:\Documents and Setting folder...

You will see a SEND TO folder under there, destroy ANY .lnk shortcut file you don't want in it from there!

(Conversely, this is how you can add them as well... I did one for notepad.lnk (dragged shortcut for it from my Accessories folder in the Desktop items there right into that SEND TO folder!))

* :)

Already did that, but there is more I want to remove and can't. Look at the attachment and you'll see more of what I mean. what is circled is what I want to remove.


Where would I look first? Or do a search for the program and list everything it tells me?
Look for the "send to" folder in 3 locations: the user name you're logged in under, all users, and default user. Examples:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\SendTo

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ (mine doesn't have one, but it's a good place to look as some programs install under "all users" with all their quirks.)

C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\SendTo

These are hidden folders so you'll have to unhide them.

To fix your zip drive double, go to device manager, remove BOTH instances of it, reboot and let XP pick it up again.

(Btw, killer desktop, one of the nicest i've seen. What's the name of your theme?)
I can help you with a couple. I don't have Winamp but what i show you may help you with that one.

Open Winrar. Go to Options> Settings> Integration> untick "Integrate WinRar into shell." (you will lose both though, so if you want to keep the one, then you'll need to do the registry thing.) I don't know about that, only helping with what i can.

Open WinAce. Go to View> Options> Archives> untick "Activate WinAce shell extension." (Again, to be selective you'll need to do the registry thing)

WinAmp may have similar controls.
I'd help with that but i don't know how, lol. Post your solution when your done though so i can see how you did. Good luck, i'm sure someone will jump on this and steer you in the right direction.


See how I did? LOL.......that is why I am asking for help.....if I did this myself I would pulling out the XP disc again :) This is just a tip of the iceberg of all the tweaking I want to do.

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