Remove Cpu From Motherboard


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well if its a standart CPu cooler all you do is use a srewdriver (flat) to unpin the cooler look for a notch on the tension pin thing and with the screwdriver pull away from the cpu. Once this pops off then gently jiggle the cooler loose and then you will have the cpu. Lift the resting arm for the cpu and then gently remove. Do all this carefully dont let a scredriver slip. and pull cpu straight out.

and do essentialy the same thing to get it back on.. But getting one on is a Bigger pain in the ass lol.


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ste_w said:
lol Thanx, so all this involves Cpu still on the heatsink thing yea? will i need any of that paste?
No, first you take the heatsink off. Then you take the cpu out. Install the cpu on the new board and install the heatsink.

You may need to replace the paste, but I'll leave that recommendation to others. :)


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The mixture mafia recommends sounds about right, but if you feel that it requires too much work, you can pick up a bottle of TIM-cleaner by Akasa (I think there's a few other brands, google might be a good choice). I got mine from, stock it too. You can probably find thermal paste from other retailers as well.


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the best thermal paste you would wanna use is arctic silver 5 make sure ure getting the real stuff as there are fakes of it