Removal of processor question.



I have a problem with removing a processor chip. I'll explain what has been done.

I bought a Jetway, 694 I believe. It had a 1ghz Intel Celeron Processor on it and was housed in what was supposed to be a mid tower case but turned out to be a mini-tower. I was ticked about it but not as ticked as I was with the fact that it didn't work. It was a barebones machine and the company I bought it from did not do refunds. Needless to say, I won't be ordering from them in the future. They did finally replace the processor, which was bad, but only after I had to do something I had never done in all the 20-some odd years I have been working and fooling around with computers... I had to take it to a local computer tech. I had to put a computer in the shop!

The lady tech was great though. She found the problem and since I was in a rush to get a second machine running, I bought a mid-tower, another mobo (Gigabyte), and a 900 mhz processor because that is the only processor she had in stock at the time. She said I could replace the 900mhz processor with the 1ghz processor once Software And Stuff replaced the board and processor that had gone bad. All I would need to do is change a few jumper settings on the Gigabyte mobo.

Here is my question. The two motherboards have different ways of mounting these two processors. The Jetway has a clip that goes over the top of the silver piece above the processor chip then a small level is lifted to remove the processor. You just press down on the clip over the silver piece and it comes out from under a little nib.

The Gigabyte processor is a bit different. It seems to have a clip that goes through the silver thing on top and attaches at the base of the chip. I can't seem to figure out how to remove that clip to get to the processor chip. It feels like there is a small nib under that clip but I can't seem to make it scoot down enough to let go. I don't need to break the board and Lord knows I can't afford to replace yet another mobo.

Any ideas or suggestions? I have replaced and added hard drives, cdroms, ram chips, video cards, overdrive processors, and such but never worked directly with the motherboard. This was my first semi attempt at building my own system. I am wanting to build my youngest daughter a better machine from the Jetway board, 900mhz processor, and as many parts as I can salvage from her Compaq. I just can't stand the idea of my 5yo having a faster machine than my own. :eek:

Thanks in advance.

If you don't have a manual for the board with clear instructions for adding the CPU/heatsink/fan to your motherboard... go to the board's manufacture website and download one. Hopefully they'll have diagrams to walk you through the process in it.

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