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remote guest?


High On Life!
hi guys, they finally hooked up my vdsl, now i can see my friend on the dsl network on another compound, the thing is when i want to connect to him or he connects to me, how do i set the username and password that he connects to me with? below is a pic of me trying to connect to him, but nowhere did we put a password, but anything i put in even leave it blank doesnt work. i wanna give him only permission and him only give me permission.

can u tell me step by step plz. i tried it before but i just get lost!:confused:

here is the pic
Here I go... themafia_69, I am going to help you even though you called me an "idiot" in a thread about a month ago...

I am assuming that you are attempting to connect using a UNC path (ie: \\\share) correct? This will not work if the user's administrator password is blank. XP disables network shares if there is a blank admin password. Also, you do not have authentication rights on that box. I would recommend that he set up a local account on his PC for you. Assign a password and permissions for that account. I do not believe that the guest account gives you permission to network shares, but I might be wrong there.

Hope this helps...
Enyo: I have helped many people in the past couple months. I do not spam, like 80% of the people on this board do. I do not appreciate being insulted and I will not stand for it. I work in the industry and I am good at what I do. I support our corporate office as well as 14 remote locations. I do software automation, RIS administration, and software distribution. I deal with network issues, software and hardware issues, testing of new software amongst other things. I make good money doing what I do and above all of that, I really enjoy what I do. I help out here because I feel that I can help others.

edit - SPeedY_B
SPeedY_B: I understand why you removed what I posted and I appologize. I just do not feel that anyone has any right to insult anyone else. I believe that is part of the forum guidelines, is it not? I understand that one less user would not matter much to the board because there are thousands, but I would hate to leave because I really enjoy helping others. There may be times that I do not know 100% of what I am talking about, but most of the time I do. I am an MCP and I did NOT receive my certification from cramming for a test. I passed without studying and on my first try. I believe that I know enough to help just about anyone, but I do not know everything. I feel I should be able to enjoy the board without being insulted. Is that too much to ask?
I can take a joke as well as the next person, but a joke is usually followed by a "HAHA" or a "JK"

If you are going to insult someone as a "joke" then make it apparent that it is a joke.


I may actually be insane.
I can see what you're saying, but I could also see that Enyo was posting in jest because in your first post you wrote
..even though you called me an "idiot" in a thread about a month ago..
So he wasn't insulting you.

Obviously everyone has a different sense of humour and/or perspective so things can get out of hand, also you can not represent emotion/sarcasm in text form, so you can't tell what frame of mind someone is posting in.
It was just a joke so I think it should be left at that, and the thread should go back to its originating topic :)


High On Life!
nevermind i found out how, u have to enable the guest account if disabled in the user accounts, change the password or remove it, and that will be the password for the remote login

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