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I read in some articles about xp that you can connect your pc to another one with xp so u can work on it or transfer data but how ?

setup-> my pc: XP proffesional UK

my friend's pc: Xp home NL

is this possible if yes HOW ???

Greetings Franky:confused:
Right click the "My Computer icon," Properties> Remote tab> enable both options. Go to start> Programs> accessories> Communications> Remote Desktop Connection. This will launch the wizard and it will take you through everything you need to do.

Oh yeah, just so you'll know in advance. The computer that you control, say you want to control your friends computer. That computer will log off the current user and all your friend will see while you're in control is the logon welcome window, or vise versa.

There's also a feature called Remote assistance that doesn't allow you to control the assited computer, but allows you to view the desktop of it while a chat window is open between the assistor and the assistee. The one being assisted will have to do all the work on his/her own computer. This is probably the one you want to use. To use this feature go to start> programs> Remote assistance. Click on that shortcut and the wizard will help you set that up.
you can also do this by windows messanger. just im each other and then tell your friend to allow you to take over by pressing the remote desktop or support. Cant remember. Check on the forums
Hi all,

Love the new forums look, and damn, are they speedy.

Lonman, I have to use RA all the time to help people with their probs. I can control all aspects of the computer that may be 50 miles away, and they can see what I'm doin too. Your setup method is fine. Also FYI, don't have too much clutter on the desktop cos it will take ages to load and it's also in 256 colours. Just the other night, I used RA through IM to connect using my cable modem to a computer witha 56K modem in it. No Problems !

Then I burned a CD with support files on it on their CD burner for them ! How cool is that !
Hey, no doubt, that is cool. I've only experimented on my own 2 comp network setup. I guess i missed the remote control aspect in RA, have to play with it some more. I was REALLY impressed with the speed performance, like 3 to 400% faster then pcAnywhere, but that was with 2 computers only 10 feet apart. Thx for posting the update.

hehe, that is pretty slick, taking control at the touch of a button. RA control is comparable to pcAnywhere, but remote desktop connection blazes.

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