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Remote Desktop Web Connection?



Can anybody give me some help with Remote Desktop? I'm going home from school over spring break and I don't want to bring my computer with me. I heard that you can use Remote Desktop Web Connection to connect to a computer through Internet Explorer. Can anybody explain how this is done? I've used some articles in Windows XP Help and Support, but I'm still confused.

I also read that you can use the regular Remote Desktop if you set up a Virtual Private Network, but I'm not familiar with VPN's. Any help would be appreciated.
i would recommend using VNC ( http://www.realvnc.com ) but make sure you set a secure password (letters (lower case and capitals), numbers etc) on it (as you would be recommended to using RDC)

you could create a VPN very easily - create an incoming connections setting on ur PC at uni/school and create the dial-in connection on the home PC. I'd put VNC on aswell first incase one doesnt work. If you get the VPN working, u can uninstall VNC via remote desktop connection :)

best of luck
all that is needed is the remote desktop client software, which in XP is under programs/accessories/communication/ you can hook to another desktop through an Internet connection or it can be downloaded from MS for 2000, 98 and such...... its just like old terminal servers client (actually it is it just renamed)
all you need to know is the address of the computer you want to hook to... it uses and asks for a local user account and password( from computer your hooking to) to login.
works like a charm and is pretty good even through a dial-up connection. i use it to connect here from elsewhere and from here to hook to my servers at friends house..... weeeeeeee:happy:


Thanks, I'll definitely try that program. My password should be strong enough, but thanks for the reminder.

Maybe I'm confused about this whole thing, but the VPN doesn't seem to be working because of our universities firewall. I was able to get a list of ports that are open. Is there any way that I can configure the VPN client from my house to use one of those ports when connecting to the my school computer, the VPN server?


Using that Remote Desktop Connection I can only connect to my computer from another computer on the university network. How do you use it from somewhere else?


Are we there yet?
Does the Univeristy provide the students with a VPN client to be able to attach to the Univeristies network? I work at the NOC at a large Univeristy and that is the way that we have things set up. If you are off campus and you connect the VPN client, it make you appear as if you are connected to the local network allowing you do have the same access as you would being on campus. Also once you are connected to the VPN, that would "bypass" the firewall and permit you do connect to you machine how ever you want.

You may want to check with your Universities helpdesk to see if they offer such service.


I already did, they told me that they knew free programs existed that would allow me to do what I wanted on this network. Unfortunately, that's all the help that I could get from them.

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