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Remote Desktop via Dialup



Is there any way to access Remote Desktop by dialing straight into the computer?

This is the basic scenario I want to be able to do:

I run a web server on my computer, and I leave my DSL connection on all the time. Since I use PPPOE to connect to my provider, if the connection is lost, my server goes down. I have already set it to redial if the connection is dropped, and to redial 32767 times until it connects. However, sometimes the connection gets dropped and Windows doesn't redial.

I can access my computer through Remote Desktop if it's connected to the internet, but if the connection is lost and Windows decides not to redial, I won't be able to connect to it without having to dial in over a regular phone line.

Can I make Remote Desktop work by using some kind of dial-up server, or other connection? I'd like to avoid using PCAnywhere or LapLink.

Thanks in advance.


Total and complete shot in the dark (as I have never had a need to do this), but what about setting it up as a dialup server? Some people did this to host peer-to-peer games of Quake and basically ran a mini-WAN (over-simplified, sure ;)) between the machines to play. This way, you could connect to it, and then launch TS over your network. Again, this is just a shot in the dark.

sorry..maybe i'm smoking crack but have you always had to dial into DSL??! I thought it was always on...aleast in my area I never remember having to dial


While you may or may not be smoking crack, I do see why there might be some confusion :D. On some ISP systems, you have to authenticate for your connection, and they do have timeouts for inactivity. Hence, the reason for a dialup adapter configuration.


Well I set up a VPN connection between the two computers on my network. I setup the IP address on one of them to something completely different so that I couldn't connect to the other computer through the network (not even Remote Desktop). Once I activated the VPN connection between the two, I tried again, and I could connect once again. I can't test it yet because I only have one phone line, but I'm assuming it'll work if I make an incoming connection with VPN access.

I hate having to dial into my DSL service. I was used to my cable modem connection back at home, but they blocked all the nice outgoing ports like 80, 443, 21, 110, and 25. I could go for a static line for an extra $15, but I'm already paying $50 for my current service, plus $30 for a phone line I don't even use for anything else.

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