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Remote Desktop Software

Where I work 90% of the users are consultants and are not in the office. They all use VPN to auth. in for the most part. What software would you recommend? Anything web based where we could host a server?
Yeah thats always an option, but then they cant see what we are doing and that sometimes helps. Right now they just login to MSN and we go from there....


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Remote Desktop isn't very secure, and mapping drives to transfer files is slow as dirt.

I would recommend PCAnywhere - use it extensively here at work to manage PCs and Servers, works great if setup/configured properly.


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I have used WebEx before too, nice thing about that is you can e-mail the end user an invite. Makes their end very simple.
there's netmeeting and microsoft has something that does that too - livemeeting. having been on the receiving end while calling MS server support I can say its awesome.

Those claiming remote desktop as not secure should remember that the basic version with windows xp uses 56bit encryption and that the verision supplied with server 2003 (\windows\system32\clients\) forget the rest of the path... can use SSL encryption if the remote host supports it.

I would also remind people that VNC is about as easy to break into as a paper tent.


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Citrix has a similiar solution (goToMyPC or something) to webex.. there are a couple other solutions out there as well, although i can't remeber their names anymore..


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I been testing out WebEx, is there any alternatives that are simlar?
Interwise is very similar. Been working with it for a while at my work place, and we were quite happy with the features and performance.

GoToMyPc (as well as LogMeIn) belong to another type of solutions, closer to VNC in the concept, allowing a remote user to view your desktop. Only difference is that they traverse firewalls much more easily than VNC or RDP. This is why I don't think they're secure enough.


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Interwise is CRAP, mostly because it is not a client-less solution.

It is OK, but when there are problems BOY are there problems :dead:

Case and point as to why we are evaluating LiveMeeting atm ;)

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