Remote Desktop Problem

Hi guys!
I am trying to use the remote desktop function within my home network. So far everything just went fine. I am running XP Pro on the one and Win2000 on the other machine. Still there's a problem. Every time I try to open an explorer window mtsc.exe crashes and the connection hangs up.

Any clues why this is happening? Are the OS versions not "compatible"?

Thx for every hint I get!
Greets Oerficus


Folding Team
which one are you connecting to??

WinXP -> Win2k?
Win2k -> WinXP?

I did it once connecting
WinME -> WinXP and that was fine
I have the same problem...
Switching off the Themes setting within the Remote desktop app solves the problem...
Somehow w2k doesn't like it...