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I'm not positive, but I think this should go here. Well, I'm trying to use Remote Desktop using a Win XP Pro machine and a Windows 2000 Pro machine. I have the following set up on my windows xp maching

Comp Name: eloxly
User: *****
Password: *****

I type all that information into the connection box on the 2000 machine and try to connect. I recieve an error saying:

"The specified remote computer could not be found. Verify that you have typed the correct computer name or ip address, and then try connecting again."

I know I have typed the correct computer name and I know that the Windows XP machine is on and connected to the internet. Does anyone have any ideas?

Trying to connect to the XP machine from a laptop using a 56k modem.

Thank you,


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how about if you type an IP adress in stead of the comp's name?

just a suggestion.

(only the 'host' pc needs to run xp)


Jewelzz, you are mistaken.

What your problem is, is differing versions. In order to connect to RDC on XP (which, incidentally, is a 1-session license of terminal server, a la win2k) you must be using the RDC client, which you can download from Microsoft or install off your WinXP CD-ROM. You can, however, go the other way around and connect to Win2K TS using XP's RDC. (If I lost ya, just say so)

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