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Remote Desktop Connection


pirate extraordinaire
i searched through about 20 or so threads and didn't find an answer. sorry if i overlooked it.

i was wondering if there was a way to use RDC, but not have the remote goto the login screen. i want to be able to show the other user what i am doing so that instead of just fixing the problem, or helping, they can see what i am doing. is there a solution to this?

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, you need to send them an invitation.

Run help and support:
Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance

I think that is close as you can get with XP, I can't remember how well it does.
I think MSN/Windows Messengers also have these features.


pirate extraordinaire
thank you for the info. as usual the ppl on this forum prove to be very knowlegable, and answer quickly. thats EP/NLM

i have seen VNC before, forgot about it. just downloaded it, and will check it out. was hoping RDC would be able to do it tho, so i'll also check out the invitation thing.

will check out GoverLAN too.
but if RDC + invitation works, i'm gunna stick with that.

thanks again.


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I agree with VNC they can see what you are doing just by watching.. hehe.. I know there is a way to do the same thing with remote desktop but it escapes me... If memory serves we did this when I was working in DC, I believe, if you mean you want to do it with their log-in you have to change the account login PW to something useless, and then set it to having them change it at next log-in... the down side is that if you have it set up the way we did, the couldnt use the same PW they had previously...

Its been over a year though... so its not too fresh in my mind..
VNC would be Much easier


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You must share them that invitation ( and sure the password - watch for CAPS LOCK ) .
I use RDC at home ( lan ) and works great .



Tweaking Monkey
The best way to do this without having to setup additional software (if both you and the person in need of assistance is on Windows XP) is to start with a chat in MSN Messenger.

From there, the user can go to Actions/Ask For Remote Assistance.

You accept and the thing loads. You can then ask to take control and the person can see what you're doing at the same time, and you can release control to have him/her try what you just did or show you their problem. You can also add voice to it if you have a microphone or chat, transfer files and more.

I use it all the time to show things to my mom and other friends that need my help. It works REALLY good, and you have nothing to setup on either end... And it uses RDC as the engine, so it's lightning fast and it does beat WinVNC by far for speed.

I'm doing tech support for companies in the state with MasterShakes, and we are used to remote control tools, I speak by experience.

The only remote control software that beats the speed of RDC so far, is Citrix. And for Citrix, you need a central server, and lots of money! I've heard VMWare is not bad either, but it takes a lot of cash too!

Other than that, I've used SMS Remote Control, TightVNC, WinVNC, Remote Desktop 32, Citrix, Tivoli and trust me, Microsoft's RDC beats them all for speed!

Plus, even if you're behind a firewall, you can share your drives and other resources through RDC... which many of the other programs can't do.

Anyway, hope that helped!

Cheers ;)

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