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remote desktop connection?

i am trying to do a remote connection between my PC and my laptop, i got everything microsoft said to have but it does not work, they say that you should have the right ports open for this to happen, what are thoes ports??? i am connecting to my oc through a router and both running at 200mb/s. the ip's are all right and the user name and pass are right, anyone know what i can do??
i have a similar setup. a linksys router going to my gaming machine, my ftp server, my wife's desktop and my wife's laptop.

i connect to my ftp server via my gaming machine with remote desktop (lan) and simply had to set up accounts on both computers. never had to deal with ip addys.

i can also connect to my gaming machine while at work using remote desktop. in this case, i have to input the wan ip that road runner assigns me into the connect window of remote desktop.

it sounds like you're on a lan...in which case you'll need to set up accounts on both computers and add them to the remote desktop lists. under the general tab of the remote desktop window, put the computer name...not the ip addy.

*reboot both machines and it should work.

if it doesn't, drop me an email and i'll send you some screenies of how i have mine set up.


What is not working? Are you getting the login window?

Did you check to make sure that you selected the usernames you wanted in the Remote preferences (Control Panel -> System -> Remote tab)?

If you are getting a login window, it sounds like that is what the problem may be.
koko - i am running almost the same thing as you, over the network, there is an account on both machines and when i browse for computers it says that

the ******_**** domain/workgroup does not contain any terminal servers

everything is installed on both machines so i dont know what is going wrong can you help

Strokemouth - i ahve all that set up right according to microsoft

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