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Ok, I tried Remote Assistance out for the first time tonight. It worked pretty well, (I'm on a cable connection and the person that I was helping/taking control of is 56k) and speed was ok, but I've read stuff about changing monitor resolution, color depth, etc. to make it faster?

Changing resolution is to be done on the computer that is being taken control of, correct? The only thing that I don't like about doing that is that my friend's monitor is an lcd, so it might not look the best when changed. My question is though, is it worth the extra speed?

If anyone has any other tips or suggestions, by all means, please share them. Thanks.


i dont think that his monitor resolution on his computer would make any difference. because when u connect u can specify which resolution u want in one of the option tabs. but i think in theory it should be faster because smaller picture is sent to u. i think that should be right. some one correct me if it's not like that cuz i'm still a bit drunk from the party :)

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