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Remote Assistance?



I have win/xp with dial up and my father has win/2000 with dsl. Is it possible for me to set our computers up to work with remote assistance or do we have to use something different?
Also if someone could direct me to a web site that could explain how to set this up I would appreciate it. Thanks.


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Remote ASSISTANCE which is for tech support is XP only. Both sides must have XP in order to use it. It allows two users to interact with the same windows session (one as user and one as expert) and the expert can take control and to troubleshooting as if he was sitting in front of the PC. This is not a viable remote access solution because it requires an authorization from the user at the terminal. It should be used for trouleshooting and computer help only

Remote DEKSTOP is like Terminal Services. It can be accessed from any OS with a client application on it. However it only allows one user on at a time. If someone logs into Remote Desktop, it will automatically log off and boot whoever it logged in at the terminal. This should be used for remote access, not troubleshooting and help.

To use Remote Assistance both computers need to have Win XP.
To use Remote Desktop, the XP machine needs to be enabled for it. Right click on My Ciomputer and click Properties, then the REMOTE tab. Tick the box Allow Users to Connect Remotely to My Desktop.

Then click Remote Users button to setup who can use this functionality.
Once that is done place the XP CD in the other machines CD Drive, click the Perform other Actions button and Setup Remote Desktop Connection, This last step only needs to be don on OS's other than XP. I am not sure how you then connect but if you click the Learn More about Remote Desktop in the window where you enabled it you can find most of your answers, I would tell you but I am not that bored.

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