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Remote Assistance Issue



On a corporate network how when offering remote assistance do you guys get the Machine name or IP address quickly from the user.

I have around 200 PC's on a network and when one rings with a problem i want to be able to offer remote assistance allowing them to see what i am doing. It takes an age to find the unique IP or Machine Name.

Because its in a commercial environment we do not allow the user the Run Prompt. I pondered the possibility of setting the desktop to be a web page that consisted of displaying the detail from IPCONFIG and other things local.

Thanks in anticipation.
Since I guess the names of the computers never change, just put a sticker on each monitor. A bit "BC" maybe but it works well. Then the user always knows what the name of the computer is.


get hold of a copy of winipcfg from a previous version of windows and put a shortcut to it in the users start menu or desktop.

i do IT support for BP and thats what we use
I think the easiest way is to use MSN Instant messenger. Give them your IM email address and have them add you to their list. There's a request remote assistance link right there.

For your original query, I found this little program that sits in the system tray. On mouse over it displays computer name and ip address and has the function of copying the ip address to the clipboard for easy pasting. It's called IPClip:

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