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Remote Access Connection Manager (ICF & ICS) Problems! Please help!



Hope someone can help me out with this, been racking my brain for a while now ...

When attempting to either turn on XP's internal firewall, I get an error message. When attempting to allow sharing of the internet connection through my network adapter, I also get an error message.

No details in either.

I have learned that the ICF (internet connection firewall) and ICS (internet connection sharing) use the same service to start (Remote Access Connection Manager).

There is an error generated in event viewer everytime I attempt to start this service .. "Access Denied". Does anyone know what could be the cause of this?

I have attempted to remove and reinstall the network adapter, both physically and just the drivers. I have checked the dependencies of this service and everything is fine. None of the services it depends on are disabled.

I have checked the MS Knowledge Bases and tons of other forums. Found nothing .. ANY and ALL help would be greatly appreciated.
this is just a guess, but i'd try setting remote access connection manager in administrative services to 'manual'. it may be set to auto by default.

if you really need a firewall, don't use xp's. get sygate personal firewall (free download) or a linksys router (built-in firewall).

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