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Reloading the boot file for windows xp



I just installed mandrake linux on my computer which installed grub from linux. THe problem is that mandrake cannot see my raid drive which has windows and the boot.ini file on it. So when my computer boots up now it just has an error with grub. I made a boot up floppy disk to boot up to linux now but i dont know how to restore the windows boot up file. I tried doing the repair option and doing the differnt options onder the bootcfg option but it still comes up with the grub error when i boot up.
Can someone please tell me what im doing wrong?

You'll probably need RAID drivers for Linux in order for it to recognize the RAID array. I hope you haven't installed Linux on the RAID array. That probably destroyed it.
I got around this by installing windows to the raid. Disconnecting the raid, installing linux to a drive not on raid, then hooking the raid array up again. It boots to windows, then when I want linux
I hit esc at my raid setup screen, chose hdd1 and linux fires up instead. I did this just to avoid dual booting and its been workin good so far.

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