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Relinking 'My Music' on StartMenu.. How?

Goodafternoon everyone,

I was just wondering how you can relink the 'My Music' folder on the startmenu to go to another folder link on your computer because i store all my music on another drive (not in my documents). Can this be done? Without any third party software :p

Thank you for your help and time, i mostly appreciate it

Alex :cool:


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I know it can be easily done using tweakUI the microsoft power toy.
It can also be done by editing the registary
Just type "regedit" in the run box
then SOFTWARE -> MICROSOFT -> WINDOWS -> CURRENT VERSION -> EXPLORER -> SHELL FOLDERS you then double click on "My Music" and change the value to the correct target


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Oh a little tip here there folder on the start menu will get the same icon as the target folder, so if you want it to match as before i.e. with the folder and the little note first right click your target folder and go to properties, it the customise tab and at the bottom you can change the folder icon to something suitable.
Hope this helps :)


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I think the easiest way to do this is open your my documents folder, then drag your my music folder to your existing drive. XP updates the link automatically.
what about if i already have a folder set up? would the drag and drop still work?


^^ I dont have that. I have up to Explorer but thers only 3 things there which are not folder names

Any ideas?

Thanx for your help and time

Alex :cool:


Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
Alex_is_Axel said:
what about if i already have a folder set up? would the drag and drop still work?
Alex_is_Axel, it should take your exact structure. When I moved My Music to a folder on another partition, the structure and album art etc. stayed the same. To be 100% sure, you can use a tweak program to do it for you.
indyjones said:
weird here is a screenie of my reg-edit proggy i have circled the points of interest in red
i just found the registry and i set it to the location where my new my music folder is but when i press the 'My Music' on my startmenu, it still goes to my documents/my music. :(.. do i have to reset the Explorer.exe?



OSNN.net Adventurer
hmm possble, I used tweakUI to change it but i checked the registry for the values it had changed and this seems to be it, yeah reset explorer.exe or reboot
thanx indyjones :)

I installed TweakUi and i set the folder to the destination and it works fine now :).. thank you for the software

Thanx everyone for your help :)

Alex :cool:


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the only way I see is by adding subfolders to the start folder/mydocuments/my music/Etc,. which will show up on all programs menu which you can then pin to the start menu. I believe there was a folder program that allowed you to do that but I cannot think of the name right now. :(

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