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Reliable webhosting (prefer low cost)

My Warcraft guild has recently lost its domain due to a very high-ranking member leaving who hosted the site before. I am very interested in a site that needs very little bandwidth. I need something on which I can host the DKP of my guild and a raid signup script (examples enclosed).

More important than money to me is reliability. We need a host that's not going anywhere and has been around for a couple of years. If you haven't played a MMORPG, I'll just say that DKP and loot means more to a lot of people than their own mothers :laugh:

Currently looking at http://www.bluehost.com/, but their features are far beyond what I want. All I desire is to host a couple of scripts and a very, VERY small forum.

Thanks for the help!


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I've been using 1and1 for almost three years now, and they've been extremely reliable. Of course, I don't monitor my site 24/7, but as far as I can remember, I've never had an extended period of downtime ever.

If you don't need much, they seem to have introduced a really cheap $2.99/mo plan with PHP support and upto 100MB of space for MySQL databases.

If you need more, they have other plans as well.


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I used 1and1 myself for awhile and prefered to switch elsewhere. My circumstances need not be brought up, but have since switched to www.siteground.com - and they are great. Fastest response I have seen to anything, featuring an online ticketing system. I thought overall that 1and1 support was horribly slow.
I can host you if you like. I have 3 servers where I work and i've recently got an unmetered 100mbit server with 1&1 myself (mainly to make use of the unmetered (mostly) 100mbit connectivity at a stupidly low price...)

I've stopped using those silly control pnales so you'll need to get in touch with me if you need anything doing. Let me know if you're interested.
Thank you so much for the answers! I'm going to experiment with 1and1 to start with (hey, anything goes wrong, I'm out three bucks!) and will definitely try the others if it isn't satisfactory. Web development is a whole new things for me. I have yet to install a server or anything and know nothing about PHP.

Never underestimate the power of an idiot with an internet connection, though ;)

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