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Released: Mac OS X Tiger theme


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If you like the OS X interface then you might be interested in this.


Mac OS X Tiger (v1.3) for Windowblinds

Mac OS X Tiger Wallpapers - 4 wallpapers

Mac OS X Cursors for CursorXP

Mac OS X Panther for Iconpackager - Over 100 icons

Mac OS X Perfect Shadows for WindowFX

Mac OS X Tiger for LogonStudio

Mac OS X Tiger Brushed for LogonStudio

Get the Theme Here
I dont understand why people would want to use these themes, they look ugly compared to the originals and are mere imitations. Its a shame really.


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"Compared to the originals" -- you mean to the actual OS X interface?

When I had my PC I would skin everything to look like OS X because I liked that interface better than what XP offered. Personally, I'm pretty impressed with how closely these skins emulate the OS X GUI.


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They don't so much emulate it as plain rip it off :D there's no (real) harm in that, however the theming obsession is slightly lost on me, although I admit to partaking from time to time :)

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