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Release: SeaMoose v0.1


I may actually be insane.
Sometime last night (this morning) around 3am in the osnn IRC channel, myself and Xie were discussing browsers on the Mac, when the idea was formed that a browser titled SeaMoose would quite simply be the best thing ever.

With that in mind, this afternoon, just after lunch, ham and cheese sandwich, nice it was...ehm... I decided to create said browser. Therefore I would like to announce the first release of SeaMoose!

For more info and a screenshot, follow the link below.

Official SeaMoose Site: http://speedyb.osnn.net/sm/


I may actually be insane.
X-Istence said:
I love it SPeedY_B. Why does it not support tabbing though?

You hate me don't you?
Version 0.1a actually supported tabbing for a few hours, however as it was limited to one tab, I thought the feature to be useless and removed it.
(that's true by the way, I did have "single tab" browsing for a while :p)

Geffy said:
This Thread Has Been Reported And Has Been Closed*

*may not be true


Electronic Punk said:
Shouldn't this be frontpage news or shall I wait two weeks?
I considered front paging it, but thought that you may slap me for doing so :p


I may actually be insane.
Took an hour. I had nothing better to do.

New version looks like so:

Added Features:
  • Better Styled Inputs
  • Copy / Paste
  • Re-Sizable window
  • Back / Forward
  • Stop / Refresh
  • Loading bar that doesn't show anything
:p :D


High On Life!
dude, are u serious that looks so professional i really like it, ur ganna make me some stuff, i though something like photoshop, but then i thought how do u draw somthing like that in photoshop i wouldnt know how to just create something im not that artistic

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