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Relative search.



If I give you my family background, you might understand why I posted this.

My fathers parents are His Dad Northern Irish, his Mum Italian.
My Mothers Parents are Her Father French-Canadian, her mother Spanish/Welsh.

My Dad's Dad died in 1970, didn't really know him, his Mother is still living.
My Mothers Mother died 4 months ago, knew her slightly. My Mothers father on the other hand I don't know if he is dead or alive as he came to England around WW2, was a Jewler in London had a few kids by my Mothers Mother then went missing.

So as you can guess I want to find out any relatives by my Mothers Father, that are around in Canada (French Canada part), to trace any that are still around and hopefully find out if my Mothers Father is still alive ( I doubt it as he would be about 110).

So I have seen a lot of Canadians use this thread, I was wondering if any from Qubec or a French Canadian part has an agency they know of, where I can find out some clues.

Also apparently my Mothers Father had Red Indian blood also.

I have searched in my Country, England, not a Dickie Bird.

Thanks in advance


- geek -
My dad is kinda into geneology stuff. If I remember maybe he can give me some sites or something he uses that might be of use to you. :)

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