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Whats the safest way to uninstall then re-install windows XP? or-can i just reinstall it over the existing XP?
a"friend" recently adjusted a few too many things and now i have lost the 2 flashing computer icon in the bottom right of my screen(so now i cant see how long i'm on the net or log off very easily,and my connections box in Start-Control Panel has disappeared) So my only option it seems is to reinstall XP
any ideas out there?
If you are forced to reinstall the best way is to:

Boot from your XP CD:

Take it to a New Install:

When you get to the part about which partition to install XP to delete your old partition then select the unpartitioned space to reinstall. The CD will format and repartition your disk for you.

Just remember that you are going to lose ALL of your data on that Hard drive doing it this way so backup anything important..

My personal suggestion (If you can afford it) is always have a second Hard Disk and Keep important data there. You have to reinstall everything though even if you install it to the second HD. Windows can't do anything unless the program is in the registry.

Myself i use alot of shareware and freeware and some warez so the second hd is manditory. Plus i have over 10gb of mp3s.

I hope you can find another solution though we have alot of smart people here that might be able to help.

Describe your problem in as much detail as possible and let them see it. Even take screenshots and post those so they can see the errors for themselves.

Good Luck....
a"friend" recently adjusted a few too many things and now i have lost the 2 flashing computer icon in the bottom right of my screen
Open Control Panel> Network Connections> Right click on your active connection> make sure 'Show icon in notification area when connected' is checked.
my connections box
If you're referring to the "network connections" applet, Open Windows Explorer, navigate to c:\Windows\System32> find the file 'ncpa.cpl' and double click on it to open Network Connections.

Did your friend install Powertoys XP? If so he may have 'turned off' the Network Connections applet to show up in the Control Panel. If you have it installed, open TweakUI (see attachment) and make sure all your *.cpl files are ticked. If you don't have it, you can download XP PowerToys here.

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