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Reinstalling XP...But how do I reactivate??



I'm planning to reinstal XP family edition...
But I have a problem about the activation stuff...Because of course after 30 days Windows will ask me to do it or it's not gonna run anymore...
So here's the question:
Do I activate it like if I never did it...? Will this work?
Or is there a tip to avoid the activation?
Because I heard that there's a small file on the hard disk that appears only if I activated my Windows and all I have to do is to save this file on a floppy and paste it in my brand new reinstalled system...Is it true??
And where is this file? What is its name?

I hope I can get some help from U all

The files name is WPA.dbl, and save it RIGHT BEFORE you do the re-install. And even if you do need to re-activate it, it only takes a few secs and in a worse case scenario you have to call MS and they only take a minute to get you up and running.

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