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Reinstalling Windows XP Home


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I have a couple year old Dell Computer that had Windows XP Home on it.

I have the Registration Code but I don't have the original Reinstall disk for it.

I need to do a clean reinstall of XP Home.

Unfortunately, I think at one point in time XP Pro got installed on this computer.

I know that it is going to have to be a Full reinstall since Microsoft won't just back down from Pro to Home.

Can I:

- Use a Windows XP Pro Disk and use my Home Registration Code?

- Use a Windows XP Home Disk that that came with an Acer Laptop and use my Home Registration for the Dell?

- Should I just break down a get version of XP Home?

- Any other suggestions?



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In order to use an OEM Product Key you need an OEM installation CD; meaning you cannot use an OEM Product Key to install a retail copy of Windows XP Home.

Call Dell and request a new installation CD. There will be a minimal charge.

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