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reinstalling windows ME



My computer has been actiin up lately. For example, my Ie wont load, Msn explorer gets messed up, "run" in the start menu wont work either and my crtl+alt+delete. I want to know how to reinstall ME and only save the important programs on my computer and wich ones should i save?



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save the programs that u most often use and cant redownload quickly...

.... but windows ME is ms's worst os ever, i suggest that if u can get a copy of Windows 98 SE, you should install that and update it, you will be much better off, that is if your comp cant handle windows xp


when i stick it the cd i dont see an option on howw to reinstalll and how do i save those programs?


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Use the ME boot floppy not the cd. Make one if you need to through the add/remove in the control panel. (I think, look around in there) As for the programs you want to save you need to save the actual program that installed what you loaded not the loaded program itself. Get all your doce, favourites,email setting, isp settings, ect & burn them to cd. If you don't have a burner use another partition. If you don't have a partition to use then basically you are stuck unless you have partiton magic or similar.

When you use the ME boot floppy use cd rom support. When it has finished loading type D:\ (enter) D = cd rom letter. Insert the cd. Now at the D:\ prompt type cd win9x (enter). Now it chages to this D:\win9x now type setup (enter) & away it goes.

ps make sure you have all the drivers for your hard ware.

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Good grief Charlie Brown
One more thing. Did you want to reinstall or format? Formatting will erase everything but is the way you should go. So before doing the above & you want to format use the ME boot floppy without cd rom support. Get to the A:\prompt & type format C: or C:\format. Can't remember which way it goes. You will loose everything on that partition/hard drive.


thz, would u know how to find out my cd key for windows me on my comp?



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Hi guys, i'm new here
For some reason(s), i've lost the required wnaspi32.dll file needed to burn cds
i've tried downloading available wnaspi32.dll files and putting it into my windows ME system's dir
but i still can't seemed to burn anything but use image recordings
Would reinstalling windows ME recover lost file(s)?
Thanks in advance!


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also, are there any alternatives for recovering lost windows files?
especially important .dll files or other .sys files
reinstalling or formating's like my last resort...going through lot of work to get the install cd, let alone reinstall...
Thanks alot! Needa backup my data fast...
As far as I remember, Windows ME did not include a system file checker (sfc) tool like XP/2000. The only way I can think of attempting to fix system problems is using System Restore, or reinstalling the OS. Reinstalling without formatting won't destroy any of your existing files, applications and settings, so it might be your best bet.

Just out of curiosity, is there any reason why you haven't upgraded to XP yet? :)

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BTW, you might be able to use the CD to re-load your OS, if your computer has support for bottable CD Roms. The winME CD I have floating around here did have bootable support as I remember (been a long time since I loaded it), but it was also a MSDN CD...

You still won't see an option (from the window that pops up), but will have to restart your computer with the CD in, assuming your box supports this. If it doesn't, it'll just go to reload Windows, so no biggie...


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i think i'ma upgrade it to xp...
I'm not sure if my pc's hardware can handle xp well...
What's the minimum specs for xp?
Also, how must i format my windows me and then install new xp? i have 2 hard disk>>>> primary's 19GB (with windows me installed and screwed), 2ndary(slave) with 2 petitions, 18GB each... Most of the file's on 2ndary, what happens next? Thanks alot!!!


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i've tried reinstalling win ME btw, stuck somewhere saying Sinuw has caused an error in kernel32 or something... can't continue round 60% copying files... So, reinstalling same windows' pretty much dumped. anything i can do backup my files? i can't burn, and dont have much space either.

Thanks alot guys, you've helped greatly!!!


OSNN One Post Wonder
thanks guys, i'll format to xp asap... n what's this bout service pack 2?

my pc :
intel p4 1.6Ghz
384sd ram

i should be fine for xp rite?

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