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Registry help


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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if my friend needs me to look at problems with his computer and he wants me to look in his registry is there a way he can send me a copy of his registry and do I need something special to open it up to look at it. Just wondering...thanks in advance

Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School
he can export the registry as a text file from regedit (start, run, regedit). However, my complete registry as a .txt file exported is 130mb. So you might just want to export a certain part of the registry.

You will just need a text editor to view the file.

cheers, EJ


The Donger Need Food!!!!
Political User
okie dokie...one more question...this a dumb one and I know the basics but a better explanation when you create registry stuff from scratch is what i need to know...
what is the difference between: key, value, name, root, and subsystem

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