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How can I edit the registry of another Win XP installation, which is located on another hard drive?

I need this to get the other hd to boot, since I changed my motherboard and the obsolete IDE driver (of the old mobo) won't allow booting and gives the blue screen with 0x0000007B error (aka INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE).

I thought I'd put the hd as a slave to a working computer and modify the malfunctioning XP's registry this way.


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you should be able to use regedit then use import registry and open it up that way. I belive the reg is stored in system.dat and user.dat? but i'm not 100% sure been awhile since I've done it so you might wanna double check, but when you are done editing you can just save the changes and export it back


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Well in XP the reg is located in c:\windows\system32\config. Under that dir is a pile of files, I suppose I should be editing the file called system?

I'm using these as my instructions:

It's still unclear how I should do the editing with regedit; maybe load the file "system" as a hive to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, edit it and then unload it? Never done this before, so please confirm this will give the results I need (which is to solely edit the reg on the other hd, nothing else).


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hmm not sure that your problem will be able to be fixed simply regediting, you might consider a re-install of XP as i'm not sure how to go about fully editing it and if that will work to make the drive accessible =/


the book says:


This error message means that Windows XP is unable to locate the system partition or boot volume during the startup process. The problem may occur after repartitioning disks, adding new disks, or upgrading a disk controller and its drivers. In that case, entries in the Boot.ini file no longer point to the correct partitions. If the error occurs after upgrading the disk controller, verify that the new hardware is configured properly. Then start your system with the Windows XP CD, log on to the Recovery Console, and use the Bootcfg command to scan for available Windows installations and repair the Boot.ini file automatically.

hope this will help you out

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