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registering for msfn.org


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I was working on slipstreaming my XP disk using the msfn.org website.
I now can't go anywhere on their site a pop up asking for a login andpassword comes up. Does any one know haw I can register?
<---MSFN member for over 2 years now. (Same name on MSFN) They are doing a little maintenance. Been going on all day. I don't recall them announcing it, but the recently moved to a new server and it might have something to do with that.


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you dont need to register to go in the forum. just to post. <--- memeber for 5months now. love that place. helped me lots, if u stuck any way, pm me and ill try help u as best i can.

Electronic Punk

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Dunno how long I have been there, but xper and I help each other out alot. He owes me a few beers actually :D

Was supposed to meet him last November, but he couldn't get a visa or something :eek:
xper is a good guy. So are you EP. :) I love both sites, though I have posted there quite a bit more do to the fact they do a lot with unattended installations.


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Electronic Punk said:
Thought it was some kind of threat :D
Register on their forums and you should be all set.
Can you give me a PAC code for migration? mwahahaha :lick: :laugh:
Just kidding. This forum probably has the most frequently updated info which is good for me. ;)


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Electronic Punk said:
I am too lazy to do unattended installations, but then xper admitted to me so is he :D
Has anyone ever used nLite? It's good for intermediate users who want to create unattended CDs - i.e. removing crap out of the windows setup, configuring custom settings and adding additional drivers to the setup CD.
Haven't got around to trying to add applications on top though. :p
I have never used any of the programs created by anyone on that site, other than giving Greenmachine's code a try. I have always done my own from scratch. I'm pretty well versed with command script (batch) and even created a GUI application at one time, but lost my job right about then and lost all motivation to complete it.

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