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6 Jan 2002
i'm trying to get media player to play multi-region. i've found the registry hack that resets the region number so the next time you reboot the region is set to the first disc you put in.

but if i want to play multiple discs from different regions then you have to reboot each time which is annoying.

I founf anotyher reg hack thats supposed to set it to region 0, but as far as i can tell it does the same as before.

does anyone know any other ways

(file attached shows the ways i've tried so far)
Look around and look for a program called DVD is a program that edits the specific files for a whoile bunch of DVD players and allows you to change the region on the fly, I use to use it and it seemed to work fine with PowerDVD on XP, never tried it with media player but thats because I would never use media player to play DVD's, it just lacks far to many options imho :)
I use DVD genie for PowerDvd also:)

I just wanted it to run on Media Player, just for completeness sake :D

Plus you can download chapter titles, if it recognises the dvd, like cd tracks.
lol that chapter title thing works? everytime I've ever used it it completely screws them up or gets like one out of's worse then their CDDB implementation
Seems you info was just cut and pasted from anyway ;)

Whooo the red button to click apply was my idea - thats my claim to fame, I also work over on Inmatrix...

DVD Genie will work with PowerDVD 4, becuase PowerDVD, unlike all the other players, does NOT use the windows code, but uses its own, so DVD Genie will work, there is also a crack to make WinDVD revert to using its code and therefore will continue to work with DVD Genie.

The topic states you want to make WMP region free, this is simply not possible... if you want to play a DVD using WMP it will use filters from one one dvdplayer or another (Cineplayer/WinDVD/PowerDVD etc.) but these are only directshow filters and will always use the internal windows region code, there is nothing DVD Genie or Blight can do about this - its exactly the same situation with Windows2000, the closest you can get is to have the opportunity to change the region TWICE everytime you reboot...Using Information #2 I will attempt to modify it so it is a little clearer... I have also written
also note you must have an RPC-1 drive (region free) before even attempting any of this stuff, or you may hardware block your drive perminantly: (this is also described on the above page)
How to get 2 region choices upon XP reboot with an RPC-1 Drive:

load REGEDT32 and go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft]. You should see a strange looking random letter key (for example "`dv:=/") as the first entry, you can see that it has one REG_QWORD entry. What you can do is completely blank out the 'Value Data' field and then reboot your machine.

After the boot, Windows should report your region as unselected and programs requesting the region should see this as "Region 0". The problem with "Region 0" is that it won't work on all titles, especially MGM and the new RCE titles (such as The Patriot).

Once you have blanked out the QWORD value, you can always export these registry entry and have them loaded automatically at boot time by creating a short cut that will run the registry file ("regedit.exe /s filename.reg") within the startup directory. This should be especially useful with the "Region 0" setting.

You will get 2 region choices everyboot and that should be enough, I have, like I said, got a complete guide over on

Outlining most DVD region info, down the bottom is Win2k/XP section...

Now if you managed to read all that, gimme some feedback ;)
Just thought I would add that the DVD Genie project is on hold as Zoom Player is being worked on at the moment.

4.10 is available on the Inmatrix Forums, adding a few more features, but the Cineplayer 4 stuff that it adds is no longer relevent...
Qumahlin - Well i've only tried 4 discs and it work on two so thats 50/50 . notably the ones that worked was region 1 and the one that didn't was region 2 -hmmm

Electronic Punk- thats basicly all the stuff i've looked at and tried. Untill you boffins fiqureit out i shall stick with DVD genie and PowerDVD, a far better option anyway, i'm sure you'll agree (did like the chapter names though:) )
Suppose I am a DVD boffin, and seeing as Win2k had the same issues I doubt it would be worked out, why would you need more than 2 regions per boot anyway? (a reboot being about 30 seconds these days!)

There is always DVD Region Killer: too ;)
DVD Region Killer!!

why did no one mention this to me before!!

Works like a dream. i can play as many discs from as many regins as i want with out rebooting!!


i have now tried quite a few discs with this capter listing thing and it does indeed appear that it only works for region 1
Never really had the chance to check it out mylsef, as I am quite happy with 2 region changes per boot ;)

Glad it worked for you!

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