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Regarding amount of posts till you can sell something

Do you agree that something should have 100 posts to sell something here.

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I think we should enforce a rule where you have to post at least 100 times before you are able to sell something in this forum.

The guy trying to sell that laptop with only 6 posts, and it clearly being fraudulent is a good example.

I'm including a vote, so we can see how people feel about this.


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Having a set limit like that wouldn't do much because someone can just come and spam their way to 100 posts or whatever.

Having heatware or a feedback rating at a trusted site is still the best way to go about it imo. This provides some kind of protection.

Natuarally, everyone should be wary before trading.

I think I have personally sold 3 things on this site and I don't think I've had an issue so far :cool:


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Imposing a 100 post limit won't matter if the poster wants to scam you.

People are smart with what they buy (usually), and the community picks out the scammers, like it did with the poster you are talking about, so I don't see a need for this.

Edit: Sazar stole my post.


There is no answer!
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but at least it would give some kind of protection, because at the end of the day most of us know each other here, and we would be able to see if a scammer has just posted 100 frivolous posts.

I think at the very least it should be implemented as an extra layer of protection.


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It's a purely cosmetic item though. It won't make an iota of difference to those who want to spam their way in to do this.

That's all I'm saying.

We typically check most people who seem problematic anyways.


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Saz/GM are right, 100 posts really won't do diddly...

It's a good idea in theory, but people would either spam all day long, or methodically plan it out over a few days/weeks since they saw this post. If someone knew ahead of time not to do it all in a day, they could space it. The best way is to have an established ebay or similar feedback, or use paypal. Paypal gives buyer/seller protection, and everything can be traced. While financial recovery can be frustrating/time consuming, that's the best way to go.

Good idea Lancer, nothing against that, but a true scammer would find a way to exploit it without breaking a sweat.


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I don't think a post limit would do much. As I remember, I bought one of the 3 things that Sazar sold (a video card as I recall) and, while I was a little slow on my response time (sorry for any inconvenience Sazar), I would like to think I was a fairly decent buyer.. And I don't think my post count was very much about 100 at the time that I bought it.


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Post linit is the wrong way to go about it. I doubt anyone is gonna join just to sell stuff here. So if they only have/had a handful of posts, ya know something isn't quite rite. It would be very hard for us to really police any of the sales. We have to be on an honor system. We have to be honest of our own free will. The guidelines in the trading post forum is a good set but it's still an honor system. Plus since we are trying to keep ourselves separated from any of these transactions we really can't push more limitations on it or we would have to be responsible to a point for any of these sales. Which we don't want. All we can do is inform members to be careful, to ask as many questions as to be fairly sure of what they are gettin into and good luck. Ask for as many pictures of the item(s) as nessessary for the member/purchaser to be satisfied, pics of documentation (if any) and be fully aware of every aspect of the transaction.

Ya gotta rely on people's honesty. If you're unsure, don't buy anything.

Remember, if it looks/sounds too good to be true, it usually isn't.


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lancer said:
bah... you're all spoil sports :)
You're just sore after the cumulative reaming you just went through in this thread :smoker:

But admit it, you wanted it :lick:

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