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Refresh rate too big for my monitor!!!!



I have a 650 Duron, 256MB Ram, 40 Gigs Seagate HDD, CD-Rom Sony 52X on a MSI MS6340 mainboard(KT133) and a MSI MS8117 GF2MX videocard. My monitor is a 15" AOC. I am runnig Windows XP and with every version of nVidia's detonators i get a high refresh rate at 1024x768 on Direct3D aplications (OpenGL works fine) that my monitor can't handle it! I tried every piece of drivers(beta, original, tweaked) and no solution. I tried with another card (GF256) and the same problem. Reinstall windowsXP and the same problem. I tried using the latest version of VIA 4in1 drivers and no solution! I tried even the refresh rate fixer (from this site) and the problem remains. If anyone have a clue or have dealed with the same problem please tell me what to do.
And pls no tips like: Upgrade your monitor(no $$$ right now for that)!

Thanks a lot!
did your monitor come with a driver that you could install so that xp knows it's max values? since it seems that your problem is that the default is too high.

if you use the refresh rate fix just select the 1024 by 786 resolution and set it to like 60hz.. the problem is you are probably using the refresh rate fix and it is just setting it as high as it could go..so choose a lowe res

or you can go into your monitors adapter properties from the display panel and make sure 60hz or optimal refresh is selected (I only say 60hz cause it is pretty much guaranteed to work)


My monitor didn't came with drivers and windows sees him as AOC15M but it loads the plug&play monitor drivers. The default refersh rate is set to 60Hz everywere! and the tweaker is long gone. I reinstaled windows (clean install) but no use.

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