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Refresh rate program

Ok, well with everybody talking about programs and software to install. I'am confused on which one I should take.

I d/l le latest nVidia drivers (21.32) official.

What should I use to fix the refresh rate?


I hope you mean the 28.32 drivers...if you don't want to use modded drivers just look for a program called refreshlock, much easier then the nv refresh rate fix...with that you need to use only certain modified drivers
oups..lol yeah 28.32 :p

So i can use that prg in the background without any trouble?

Do I run it only when I want to play games ? or all the time.. Thx



You can run it whenever you want, but its only necessary when you play games. That is when xp defaults to 60 Hz, which is what you are trying to fix. Just set the program to always use fastest safe frequency for mode, then just enable it when you want to play a game. Then you can use normal settings to set your monitor refresh rate for tooling around in windows...

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