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Refresh my computer


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I have a weird problem with my XP Pro "my computer" refresh. The problem is in the refresh of the DVD drives. When a disc is inserted it shows what the disc is but when I eject the disc it still shows the name and contents of the disc as if it was still in the drive. When a different disc is inserted in the drive it then does not refresh to the new data and still shows the data of the previous disc but is not availible to access. I have tried unloading the drives from the system in Device Manager and rebooting and letting Windows find the drives again. Once the system has booted up again the same problem cycles again. Both drives are affected with this problem. The drives are Sony. One is a DRU-510A and the other is a DRU-720A. Both have firmware update to the latest. Any ideas?

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OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks for the link! I downloaded and ran the Microsoft Autofix program and all seems to be working now. BTW I did several months ago disable the Autorun on both drives to prevent auto opening of DVD movies.

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