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I just reformated and the installation made my Slave drive as C:\ and my "master" as D:\ how do I go about changing this? I can't change it in disk managment. I changed the c:\ to e:\ but I can't change d:\ to c:\. I haven't install anything yet.. I am going to wait to see what someone post here.
There's probably some smart syntax you could type in DOS to sort this...unfortunately, I don't know it :confused:
Providing you don't have critical data stored on your D drive. You could try imaging the drive from 1 to the other (Try Norton Ghost, or Powerquest Drive Copy) and then swap the cables/jumpers. You haven't said whether the disks are of equal size. So if not parameter selection will be crucial if you employ this method.
Personally, I'd start over. You have nothing installed yet, and you've just reformatted and reinstalled. Do the necessary cable/jumper work then re-install :p It shouldn't take too long.:rolleyes::) ;)


I'm trying
I think(??) this might work. Unplug your slave drive and reinstall windows. It will only install on the master as it has no other choice. Plug in your other drive and check your bios to make sure it is booting on hdd0

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