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Reformat question

I've usually just reformat my Hard drive when the time comes and really don't back up any files. I would like to know the best way to back up windows and get rid of all the junk? If this is possible.

It took me 15 minutes to move a 512 meg file from "C" to "D". I check the drive to see if it was defrag and both partition were defrag. I've ran spybot, Adaware, and MS AntiSpy and everything came up clean. I run Norton AV 2005 every night and nothing has shown up.

My system specs are listed down below.
Alright then, you want to back up Windows? Or some data files...

If data - select all the folders that you wish to move over (hold down CTRL for multiple select) and move them off the primary.

Reformat C, put XP back on (slipstreamed if you can) and that's it.

Otherwise, I'm way off track as far as understanding what you are trying to do. That speed is ridiculous though... 15 min... lol I'd start fantasizing about smashing the HDD
I've made an XP SP2 Disc. I just wanted to "Windows" and try to avoid all the crap the bogs down my machine. No biggy I will just back up what I want and reformat and reinstall XP .
15 minutes for 512meg is about right , 640meg takes between 10-20 minutes depending on what else you and windows are doing.

I usually just backup my data to either another drive or DVD and flormat the whole thing and shall be again in a few weeks when I buy XP OEM...*mutters something about WGA checking on windows update....*
crazy. I just moved recent mp3 aquisitions to my D partition (40gig) from my E partition (50gig)

just to test. 3 gigs took 1 minute. it's a 7200RPM WD. where are you getting these slow times?

there are many ways around the WGA. message me if you need any of em.


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I have an external HD for all my data and such. I have a image of my hd - With Acronis True Image, reformat takes 5 minutes ..


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Sinster said:
I've made an XP SP2 Disc. I just wanted to "Windows" and try to avoid all the crap the bogs down my machine. No biggy I will just back up what I want and reformat and reinstall XP .
If I am understading what you are saying here correctly, you want more of a control over what apps get installed with windows. Try NLite, it will allow you to do a "unattended" install of windows, as well as give you great control over what installs with it. I just started using it myself, but it's a great application.
Acronis True Image is excellent for making a backup image of your OS. After you reinstall your OS and install all your drivers, programs and your all buffed up looking nice and pretty and running like a dream make a backup image and store that image on another partition of your hard drive. Whenever you want to restore that OS just click away. It takes about ten minutes. Currently I have OS images of three XP Pro time frames, LH 5048, Media Center 2005. Currently running Vista on this IE 7! Saves allot of time.


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