Refitting Athlon to heatsink

Dear sir i have had to change my motherboard which has made it nessisary to refit the heatsink to my Athlon 3200 400fsb processor. i have only used the normal seating compound fitted to the heatsink supplied with the chip when first fitted , is it ok just to reasemble as is or do i need to obtain extra heat compound to reasemble. thanks


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Dear Honoured Gentleman,

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When you say that you used the normal seating compound, by which i take it to mean the heat compound or as otherwise reffered to as the sillica or thermal paste. Do you mean to infer by way of luton, dear sir, that the compound is the compound that came with the heatsink, and in which conjecture i can surmise, if it isn't too bold sir that it is the compound that is and was on the heatsink previous to this upgrade, if that conjecture proves true, then i would say to you sir, to allay any fears one might have at this most troublesome time, that you must buy new compound and duly clean the ripened compound from said heatsink throroughly sir, to help mitigate heat buildup in the future use of said heatsink and facilitate the dissipation of future over heating of the heatsink.

Kindly yours Dear Kind sir, Lord Lancer the III
Dear Lord Lancer!! many thanks for the trouble taken to put Quill to parchment in a gallant effort to aid my situation. You are a gentleman sir my pleasure to make your aquantance


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In all seriousness i hoped it helped answer the question.

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All you need are some coffee filters, some acetone, and some artic silver 5 compound. Rub all of the original thermal paste off of the bottom of the heatsink, as well as the cpu (with the coffee filter.) Then, use small amounts of acetone to wipte the surfaces clean. DO NOT touch the area of the heatsink that will be in contact with the cpu, not the surface of the CPU with your fingers, as this will cause oil buildup, and thus, heat transfer will be hindered. Then use arctic silver 5 compund as directed. Viola...youre done...ive done this several times and it works great!


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