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Need help here before I go crackers with frustration,PC crashed,had to do complete format,all went ok apart when I came to redownloading Nis 2002 form Digitalriver.I had original Order confirmation,so was able to redownload,started that then problems started,I have had to phone Digitalriver in the USA 4 times for new order number because you only get so many tries at downloading,3 times ,60-70% downloaded(46Mb/3+Hrs),Freeserve cuts me off,have to start from scratch,tried Star Downloader in the hope to be able to resume download if cut off for any reason but the link does not support resume,can you beleive it.Does anyone think I should just give up and just go out and buy a fresh Nis 2002 or give them B******S and get a free security and anti-virus program.
erm... are you sure? Free download of Norton Internet Security 2002? Fully legal I suppose? Well, let's get back to the topic now. Can you ask those guys at DigitalRiver if they could send you a copy of Norton Internet Security 2002 on a CD? Or ask a friend with a (reliable) xDSL-connection if he could download it and burn it to a CD.
There's one more thing popping up in my head: Did you 'get' your copy of NIS 2002 with a promotional deal or something? Are you sure it is a fully functional (no expire date) package? I know that there is a 90 day trial version of Norton AntiVirus (which is installed on some OEM-machines), perhaps this is something in the same form. If so, you could better buy the full version in the store (or order it, if you like), since it stops functioning after 90 days.
Glaanie Boy,I might have misled you slightly in my earlier post,I previously had NIS that i paid for and in Sept 2001 upgraded to NIS 2002 which I paid for and downloaded from Symantec.The purchase was handled by Digitalriver and you get a confirmation e-mail with customer number and order number that you print and keep for future reference.If you have to redownload, you can,using order number,but you only get a set number of attempts before you have to ring Digitalriver for a new order number and password.My problem was that 70% through download my ISP would cut me off and I had to start again.There was no resume facilities so I just had to go through the same thing over and over.God knows what my telephone bill will be.Bad practice I think.Anyway the good news is I tried early this morning(less internet traffic)and managed it ok.I will definately be getting a CD writer so I can back up programms etc.
I'm glad it worked out OK. I personally don't like the download versions, you never know if it contains viruses or something, even when it comes from a trusty website. I thought Symantec would send you the software on CD when you purchased it?

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Yeah, downloading software is not the best way to go.
But then if you can download a full product as a test drive it can be easily cracked later... so it's the best way of keeping it secure.



I take it that you are using Freeserve Anytime which limits you to 2Hrs at a time before disconnecting you?
If this is the case there is a way round this if you use Freeserve's pay as you go Phone number which does not cut you off after 2Hrs. I know you will have to pay for the phone call but if it means downloading your proggie in future it might be worth it.

Freeserve pay as you go phone number: 0845 0796699

I use Download Accelerator when downloading, but have the same problem if the server does not support resume.

I am having Broadband first week in August so i will be ok then.

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